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Gizmo now Amethyst

I adopted my precious cat fur child from PETS almost 9 years ago!  (well, she turns 9 in March…I adopted her in May of 2012)... She was fostered by Janie in Brackenfell.

She (Gizmo back then) had a not so nice start to life…as all rescues do….she was part of a litter rescued from a settlement in Kraaifontein… I saw her with her siblings on one of your newsletters, with the heading “fed weetbix for the first 2 weeks of their lives”… I went to the foster home, Janie, took my baby to Dr le Roux to do the leukemia/aids test….and waited a week for the results.  They came back negative and not long after that, I brought my baby home!!!  She had a bit of a run in with a foster dog that unfortunately got in while she was at Janie’s, and sadly her one eye was damaged, but this didn’t bother me, I wanted her!!  I had her seen to by my vet and voila, her eye healed nicely and today she has the most beautiful eyes ever!!

She, Amethyst(Amee), has been my be-all-and-end-all ever since then!  She absolutely rules my house and life and is a spoilt rotten only child and she just loves it that way!   Sy het spreekwoordelik “met haar gat in die botter geval”!!  She even had medical aid before I did!!

My dad now lives with me too, and he dotes on his “grandchild”…only one he’s!!!

Character trait  - she is obsessed with bedding …loves being under throws and blankets…even in summer.

Here are some pictures of what she looked like as “gizmo” after being rescued;  when she came home as a 8 week old kitten, and today.  She has turned into the most beautiful feline ever and I could send all the pics but there a thousands!

IMG 2352  Gizmo