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Toffee and Fudge

So Toffee and Fudge where found in Macassar with their mom and the rest of the litter. Mom and rest of pups were adopted and these 2 mutts were left, brother Toffee and sister Fudge. My hubby and I married for 2 years had just purchased our first home and it seemed empty without a dog (both of us grew up with dogs) so we decided to go the adoption route. Below is the picture of the Toffe & Fudge Adoption pic we received from PETS saying there were still 2 pups available – a boy and a girl – we couldn’t separate them, now having had a rough start to begin with.

So 2 dogs it was to be. Fudge had a joint problem in her front right paw and was unable to walk on it and Toffee was so terrified of people that we would often have to search for him in the house as he was always hiding.

So Fudge got pampered with tons of leg massages until she started using her foot proper and Toffee was living in my T-shirt (while I was wearing it), I kept him with me all the time to get him use to human contact.

They became our fur kids, and 3 years later we decided to give them a human sister who they now absolutely adore and Toffee still today does not leave her side.

Fudge is an independent little lady who likes minimal attention and prefers calmness and Toffee is the complete opposite who thrives on attention from anyone and loves rough play.

So with the addition of another human sister our family is now complete and would be totally incomplete without my oldest – the twins (we call them), our precious furkids!

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